Teenager Tracking Using Leo OBD

Leo OBD is a real time vehicle tracker that can be used to track teenagers. Leo OBD installs in the OBD 2 port directly underneath the steering wheel. All vehicles manufactured after 1996 are required to have an OBD 2 port inside the vehicle. Leo OBD provides updates every minute and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle. Tracking your teenager is simply and literally takes seconds. Just plug Leo OBD into the vehicle and use your phone, tablet, or computer to track your teenager.

The tracking portal is easy to use and provides information such as the miles per hour, exact location, satellite view, street view, and a breadcrumb trail. Text/email alerts may be provided to notify the user of any perimeter violations or ignition on/off reports. Reports can be printed out or saved on an excel spreadsheet. Keep track of excessive speeding as well as hard braking to ensure that your child is driving safe. Contact us today for more information.

What to do if Leo Minor Stops Reporting

If Leo Minor stops reporting it could be due to the loss of signal in the area. King Tracking recommends to either wait until the device enters an area with excellent signal or to manually reboot the device. In order to manually reboot Leo Minor, just obtain the device and turn the unit off. The power button is located on the bottom right hand side and looks like an indentation of a line going through a circle. Make sure you power cycle Leo Minor in an area with excellent signal such as outside or near a window. Hold down the power button until all the lights go off. Wait 10 seconds and turn the unit back on.

King Tracking GPS Support

King Tracking has 24/7 customer service that is standing by to answer any questions that you may have regarding the GPS Tracking software or actual GPS Trackers. King Tracking can be contacted at the phone number (818) 824-8394 or can be emailed at support@dssi.cc. Whether you are an existing account holder or looking to place an order for a GPS Tracker, King Tracking offers support and can answer any questions that you may have. Contact us today to learn about our tracking solutions as well as to receive support for a current GPS Tracking system.

Preventing Burglaries Using GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers such as Leo Minor can be used to prevent burglaries as well as apprehend large criminal rings. Leo Minor can be placed inside large shipments of merchandise and then tracked using the easy to use software. Once any merchandise is moved, the software can be configured to provide text/email notifications of its location. This can prevent burglaries by placing GPS Trackers in several different shipping containers.

Sting operations can also utilize GPS Trackers by placing GPS Trackers inside trucks likely to be targeted by criminal organizations. Once the merchandise is stolen, the GPS Trackers can then be tracked to another location with the possibility of apprehending large criminal organizations. Whether you need a GPS Tracker to protect your own business or are law enforcement and looking to take down criminal organizations, King Tracking has the right solution for you.

Brand New 3G International GPS Tracker

King Tracking will be releasing a brand new 3G Tracker at the start of 2016 that will also use an international SIM card. This new GPS Tracker will be a portable GPS Tracker similar to Leo Minor and will work all over the world for a designated monthly service fee. It will run off of the 3G network, which will provide better coverage in more areas. The GPS Tracker will be released early next year and can be purchased directly from King Tracking’s main website as well as Amazon and Ebay.

School Bus Tracking

King Tracking offers different types of GPS Trackers that can be used to monitor the location of a school bus. This serves as an insurance policy in case children go missing, while also providing a better time frame for arrival to and from school. Leo Kill Switch can be hard wired behind the dashboard and professionally installed in all school buses. It provides minute updates and can be tracked using any smart phone, tablet, or computer. The software can even be integrated into the school’s website so students and parents can see how far the bus is away from their stop and when the bus arrives to school.

Multiple GPS Trackers can be purchased at a discounted rate from King Tracking. King Tracking offers fleet tracking where the school can monitor all the buses from one account. This makes it easy by providing each bus a different name and monitoring locations all through the same account. Contact King Tracking to be provided a full price quote and for more information on school bus tracking.

Equipment Tracking Using Leo Minor

Equipment tracking is used by devices such as Leo Minor in order to track expensive equipment. Expensive equipment can include construction equipment, sports equipment, art supplies, and more. The use of a GPS Tracker such as Leo Minor attached to this equipment can insure that the equipment remains safe and is not tampered with. Leo Minor is a portable tracking device that can be attached to a piece of equipment and has a battery life of up to two and a half weeks. The extended battery pack can extend the battery life of Leo Minor up to six months. Both the extended battery and Leo Minor are rechargeable.

The GPS Tracking software is ideal for equipment tracking since it can be configured to provide text/email alerts. Alerts can include a motion alert, which will notify the user if their equipment is tampered with or move. Other alerts can include perimeter alerts which can be configured to notify the user when the equipment arrives safely at a designated location. The tracking portal is easy to use and can be tracked right on a smart phone, tablet, or computer. Multiple units can be added underneath the same account, which makes it easy to track all of the equipment right at your fingertips. Each device can be given a different name which will make it easy to track each piece of equipment.

Please contact King Tracking to be provided a full price quote on the cost of tracking equipment. Discounted rates apply for larger purchases, so speak to a representative today for costs. Take advantage of the most advanced tracking equipment and protect your expensive equipment with the Leo Minor GPS Tracker.

HD DVR Car Camera

Dashboard cameras are very popular in countries such as Europe and Russia as well as parts of the United States.  People are realizing that it is important to protect themselves and video evidence of an accident or crime is crucial in a lawsuit.  Dash cameras serve as insurance in case somebody gets in an accident and needs video proof.  Other uses of dashboard cameras can be used for employers who want to monitor the driving habits of their employees.  Employers who want to make sure that their employees are driving safely and not putting others in danger can employ the use of dashboard cameras. Dashboard cameras can also be effective for parents who want to monitor the driving behavior of their children.

The High Definition Car Camera is one device offered that provides full HD video at a reasonable cost.  The HD Car Camera stores the recordings onto a micro SD card that can support up to 32 GB.  The resolution is in stunning 1080P and also records audio.  The HD Car Camera features motion activated recording, night vision, as well as cycled recording where the recordings will rewrite over themselves when the memory is full.  The HD Car Camera is able to zoom in and out as well as take still photos.  The HD Car Camera just connects to the cigarette lighter of a vehicle and has a backup battery of 90 minutes.  Record in full high definition while protecting both yourself as well as others.

Fleet Maintenance Report GPS Trackers

King Tracking’s Leo OBD and Leo Kill Switch can both be used to monitor the fuel maintenance for fleets of vehicles. The fuel maintenance reports allows fleets to input data such as the mileage traveled, fuel costs, and more. This makes it easier for fleets to better budget expenses by using shorter routes and ensuring employees don’t make unnecessary stops. King Tracking’s tracking portal makes it easy for fleets to enter in all the necessary information in order to better estimate the costs of fuel consumption for large fleets. Contact us today to be provided a full price quote and to learn more information.

Using Real Time GPS Trackers to Prevent Burglaries

GPS Trackers can be used in order to prevent the burglary of expensive equipment. In one recent case in Sarasota, a GPS Tracker was placed on a pickup truck by the owner. Burglars with advanced skills broke into the residence and stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of landscaping equipment including the pickup truck. The owner of the truck was able to trace the pickup truck through GPS, which enabled the recovery of the merchandise as well as the apprehension of the suspect.

GPS Trackers can be used as an insurance policy to protect expensive merchandise. Used in conjunction with security cameras and alarm systems, GPS Trackers can be used as a security measure. Real time GPS Trackers are just one way in order to prevent burglaries, but have proved effective in multiple cases.